Wednesday, October 15, 2014

He saves the world - 1

It is a highly convoluted world
It begins with an existence in a highly convoluted world.  Infact it is quite corrupt, discriminatory, fascist, bigot and much more.  Thank god it is nothing serious.  The social structure rests primarily on creating insecurities while talking about security.  Some say it is because of greed.  An inbuilt discriminatory mechanism ensures that only a few benefit from the system and then become the representatives who keep suggesting that all is well.  They aren't lying - all is surely well for them.  Their children aren't starving in a slum.  The upper caste people haven’t taken over their land and pushed them into subjugation unlike some nondescript lower status people.  By the powers vested in them by the system, these beneficiaries also control and dominate spaces where concerns can be voiced.  They have serious concerns about the rising costs of fancy cars, fashion statement, hoi-poloi events etc. etc.  Beside that the good people also drench themselves in ice cold water and apparently that somehow helps the lesser people.  Doesn't matter if a huge population has neither electricity nor a fridge that runs on it nor even enough clean water to drink.

It’s a very sensitive world.  Thousands die of hunger every moment.  The good people hold music concerts to raise awareness and funds (most of which go into staff salaries and half payments to the benevolent artists).  By the way, this is just a film script about a faraway planet ruled by a cruel species of blood sucking aliens.  It has nothing to do with you and me.

Among the rest of the population, some feel too small to understand it all.  Others focus on career and growth, even if that means joining the wheel of discrimination and stepping on another in a race towards another race.  A few mavericks try to take on the system and fail miserably.  They are crushed, confined and punished.  If their thoughts continue to persist, the system turns them into religions, heroes, saints etc. etc.  If this reminds you of Jesus, the man who stood up against a cruel system of his times or Socrates or maybe Galileo or thousands of others through the centuries, it is purely coincidental.  And this is where the quintessential popcorn and cola break comes.

The second part begins with our hero promptly taking off his shirt to display a much advertised x-pack abdomen while the heroin displays her cleavage.  The cleavage immediately offends some of us.  Maybe we should only cast flat breasted women, or even better, force all women to have breast castration.  Then even women will be allowed to bare their chest, like our heroes.  It may become the next big fashion statement and solve all the issues on the planet.  Coming back to the script, our hero learns that the heroin’s father is not only the killer of his father but is also plotting to wipe out two noble souls on the planet - the PM and the CM.  He immediately shares the truth with the heroin.  She breaks down, locks herself in her room and cries on her velvety pink bed.  The hero meanwhile starts destroying all the Casinos and Godowns (filled with drugs) owned by the villain.  The PM and the CM, are about to make a public appearance on an open stage.  The villain has planted dynamites beneath the stage and kidnaps his daughter - the heroin (who turns out to be someone else’s daughter now) - to blackmail the hero into blowing the dynamites to kill the PM and the CM.  For a hero with a loaded pack of abdominal muscles, nothing is a problem.  After a barehanded fight through an army of men guarding the villain, he finally kills all the bad people, including the villain, and releases the girl.  After a long kiss, he rushes to save the very nice, honest and people loving PM and CM and pushes them off stage just when the bombs explode and cars are tossed up on flames.  Thus He saves the entire world.  The heroin comes running to kiss him again.  All is well.

(Un-edited version of the article published in my column in Financial Chronicle on Oct. 10, 2014)
Text and Photographs: Parvez Imam (Copyright-2014)

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