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He Saves The World - 2

The other planet and the being repair shops

Far away in another galaxy hangs a planet occupied by a crazy race (‘race’ because they are always racing against each other).  Their survival depends on ‘greed’ - the life force, something like our sun.  Their power and status comes from the amount of ‘greed’ they can inhale and snatch from others.  The more ‘greed’ one has, the more control on the system one gets.  That makes the ‘greed-y wannabes’ and the ‘greed have-nots’ the subjugated, lesser beings who must work under the greed-rich and also stay at a distant from greed through the morality idea passed down by the saints and high priests who live and preach in these specially designed, awe inspiring, peaceful structures.

The only greed-free places on that planet are the ‘repair-shops’ (somewhat like our hospitals).  This is where the beings are sent when they breakdown either because of the greed of others (somewhat like malnutrition) or because of excessive greed that they can’t digest (something like overeating or food poisoning).  Until recently, the master repairers (kind of doctors) were a respected and trusted lot by all beings because they worked hard to repair the beings before sending them back into the system - the lesser ones to work and the better ones to continue to rule.  The repair shops are kept highly sanitized by a ‘morality spray’ that deactivates the greedvirus and prevents it from causing corruption.  Both, the greed filled and the greed wannabe beings, ensure that the repair shop system works smoothly so they can have an ample supply of fit workers.  The have-nots anyway have neither the means nor any say that can influence any change.

One day however the greedvirus gets force-mutated to resist the morality spray and infects a repair master who is working on a being with a very high quotient of greed.  This being requires an urgent organ transplant but there are no donors.  The infected repair master, under the influence of the greed virus infection, steals the organ from a have-not in the general ward of the repair shop and installs it into the greed-rich being.  The ensuing rewards satisfy the deadly greedy-itch that the virus triggers in any infected soul.  Ever since, the repairer continues to find his release in stealing organs and passing them to the haves to ease his itch.  By the time the press gets the wind, years have passed.  The repairer has turned into a powerful, evil villain supported by the greed-rich beings at the highest echelons of power and politics.  Some have-nots are scared of repair shops while some are still ignorant.  A few good Samaritans (there are always a few of those on  every planet) file police complaints, hold protests and even try to argue on the greed-e TV channels, but nothing works.  Most of the important (read greed-rich) beings are working for ‘development’ (a very important word on that planet) and have no time to waste on the have-nots.
The laboratory of organs
At this point our hero walks in – a street smart, dance heavy, macho man who likes this cutie-pie girl from another slum, whose father is one of the victims of the organ stealing racket.  Now this girl does some sleazy cabaret stuff at a local bar but she is a pious soul who prays to god everyday.  She has taken to cabaret because she wants to extract revenge from the cruel repairer who still visits this gaudy bar.  The hero is anyway born with a mission to kill one evil villain and save the planet so that development (whatever that means) can take place while the have-nots continue to remain as they were so that the haves inch ahead or atleast remain the same.

And we inch towards the climax when the girl begins to dance seductively around the villain with two knives in her hands but doesn’t stab him.  The hero meanwhile enters the repair shop, ofcourse after killing a few guards and discovers all kinds of organs pickled in jars waiting for rich recipients.  He orders his friends (they have been there since the beginning and provide some funny moments of stupidity and comraderie) to deliver the organs back to their original owners and even stitch them back.  Then he heads to the farmhouse where the villain is about to force himself upon the girl while she begs him to spare her for god’s sake.  That is when the hero lands in like batman through the glass window.  A fight ensues where the villain almost kills the hero after about fifteen minutes of kicking and fighting.  The victorious villain lets out an evil laugh and throws the girl on the bed.  This is when the hero comes back to life again.  Barely able to open his eyes and stand properly he manages to pull out the spear from the life size idol of god and nails the villain with it.  The police enters in full force with guns and arrests the dead villain.  The girl kisses the hero.  Everything is sorted and life continues as it was.

Text and Pics - Parvez Imam  (Copyright 2014) 
(Un-edited version of the article published in my column in Financial Chronicle on 17th  Oct, 2014)

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