Saturday, June 25, 2016

Borrowed thoughts

Your relentless war:
killing, demolishing
anything, anyone
you feel threatened with…
to carry on
with your borrowed thoughts.

Turn inwards
into your fears
perhaps you will find answers
you do not see 
in the chaos
of your borrowed thoughts.

Look inside
what have you done
in fear of your fears?
Are those your gods, 
their denominations - 
and the stench
of your borrowed thoughts?

Peep in
before it’s too late.
The wars you continue to wage
will turn around one day.
People will stand
against what they shouldn't tolerate anyway:
your delusions,
your borrowed thoughts.

Break open the web now.
Right now.
Unchain the delusions
the absurdity
the surreality of your being
the product of your borrowed thoughts.

Parvez Imam

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