Monday, December 22, 2014

Game of Death - II

Setting sun rises again!
Want to see me trembling with fear?
Naked, cold, hungry, crying huddled in a corner?
Is that the hunger,  
'Hurt, kill, hurt, kill...'
devouring you forever?

Let’s strip to the skin -
Some layers less of burden
Stand naked...
Why hide the hatred
the seething anger
beneath colorful fabrics
and choke with pretense?
Unwrap those meaningless words
stripped off some book.
Make some sense.

Come, let's play the game of death.
For once don't stop till the very end
Bare it all - tear me apart
with your angry guns and bombs of hate
And I will blast you with my hurt.

Maybe, when we are done with it
we will look each other in the eye -
Without the fear, anger or hate -
in the stillness of a sigh.
We will sing then the silent song
Of death, of hurt, of senselessness
Of immense pain, from years suppressed.

Faraway in the twain
will rise a new refrain
A shriek, that will forever break
The cry of war
And the game of death.


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