Friday, January 9, 2009

Nightmare, the New Year

New year messages in the inbox. I open them slowly, one by one. A friend asks “…so how did u ring in your new year?”

I think. Was their a ring at all? Well yes… why not… actually it was bigger than a ring… much bigger… so big that I couldn’t fit it on my ring finger… not even on my wrist or ankle… not even my waist. It was soooo big that it became a complete waste.

My new year rang in on quite a depressing note. Thanks to the news of Israel's air strikes on Gaza (Palestine). About 200 people (people…not all soldiers) dead and more than 700 injured and the air raids went on… And they are doing a ‘surgical strike’ against the militants… doesn’t matter if some children or women or men get killed along the way… they are weeding out ‘only the militants. And of course they can't differentiate a pharmacy warehouse in Gaza, from an arsenal, so that also got wiped out… accidentally! Very very accidentally!

Actually Israel uses very primitive weapons… no funds, you see. So sometimes the bombs go way off the target… just like that. Their fighter planes are ancient too… worst than those used in the 1st world war… they have a funny name F-16. Even the atomic bomb that was dropped on Hiroshima had a funny name… Fat Boy.

The world seems to be in some sort of a crazy nightmare. Or am I dreaming. Damn! Must be me. Have to be me! That’s why the glitter of the malls, the shiny cars, designer dresses and fancy food seem so surreal in contrast to these people who keep dying of hunger in Africa and Asia and Arab and South America and god knows where all. Really, I mean…how stupid can they get… why the hell do they have to keep dying of hunger? Can’t they do something more productive? Hooligans, I say… they just keep on spoiling the new year celebrations… year after year. Actually such people should be confined to jails. Or… even better, hanged or shot dead before they die themselves.

And then, there are these buggers who spill onto the streets shouting slogans against the US and the Israel and the others like them at the drop of every bomb. Come on now, give us a break. What’s in a bomb? Or what's in a couple of bombs? Or even a shower of bombs on Gaza? You know they are terrorists… US says that, Israel says that… so THEY HAVE TO BE terrorists. So… why does everyone jump on to the streets abusing Bush and Olmert and Rice and Chicken and Egg and Ham. Just eat and be merry. And if you don’t like Non-veg, go vegan… that’s anyways in fashion. And don’t ask questions or jump out on streets shouting against 'injustice' and 'inequality' and 'no to war'. After all we abolished slavery… though after hundreds or years of abuse and torture and killings. We did many other great things too and we’ll do many more. And you know why…? Because we care for the society… we are ‘social animals’ after all. ‘Social’ in the beginning and then, just ‘animals’.

Oops… so glad animals don’t understand English, else they would have taken to streets shouting ‘injustice’ at this statement.

Anyway... what was I talking about??? Yeah the nightmare… that Israel is killing helpless people in their own land, systematically, while the world seems to be watching and US seems to be abetting. And I also heard voices about a holocaust somewhere amongst all this. Now where did that happen?? Some place that spels with a 'G'. I think Germany... or is it Gaza? What is a holocaust, by the way...? Come on... some people being killed is no big deal, isn't that an art that we've mastered as humans for centuries now? And what’s so ‘new’ about it… I mean the year... every 365 days and we still think its new. Damn stupid dream!.. need a coffee.


January 9, 2009

PS: The latest death / injury toll at the time of publishing this is: 770 Palestinians killed more than 3000 injured. 14 Israelis killed.