Friday, January 18, 2008

Beautyfully Ugly.

Here's a mail that I got from a 12 year old girl. Thought i should share it. So, am expanding the mandate of this blog to publish writing of others who may be taking the same journey. Read on.
(By Seher)

We could all see the bright blue sky above us. Not only that, but hundreds of birds flew over our Heads. Butterflies were fluttering near the large flower beds and the flowers themselves were looking fresh as the aftermath of a shower from heaven. The clouds were slowly moving away from this beautiful scene. It was an artist’s dream. The painters would mix colors to match the fresh new colors of nature. A bird-watcher would look at the birds and exclaim “Look at that beauty!”, a writer would describe the place as a fantasy land for both humans and animals. If we overlook the disgustingly slimy creatures writhing or crawling all over the place, we could say that the statement was true. But the painter would not overlook them, he would challenge them with his brush and make the creatures look beautiful and pure. A bird-watcher would be happy for the slug and worm feast nature had prepared for the birds. The writer would describe everything in its true nature and yet find the beauty in a slime trail. But its not just these intellectuals who can find something beautiful in these creatures made of pure ugly. If we look hard enough and with all our heart we might just find something beautiful on our way.